A compilation of a few of my scenes available to view using the link and performance reviews below... 


Terror Nation Trailer: 

Callaghan’s on-screen presence and acting ability shine with a professionalism the majority of the other players lack. Andy Callaghan is definitely destined for good things..........Reviewed by Gareth Jones.(www.dreadcentral.com)

The cast did a great job especially Andy Callaghan............... Callaghan on the other hand plays his role very straight laced and is a very good actor. I wouldn’t be surprised if his career really takes off.....Reviewed by Rob Jones.(www.horrordemons.com)

The cast does a good job, Especially Andy Callaghan, I really think he held this film together............Reviewed by William. (www.whenthefreakscomeout.com)

Performances are generally stronger too, with Callaghan in particular scoring high as an enigmatic lead. He manages to take a despicable character (a foul-mouthed, racist thug who adjusts quickly to cold-blooded murder) and lend him an aura that is difficult not to root for.....Reviewed by Stu Willis. (www.sexgoremutants.uk)