'Danger Close' : Short Film..

(My role: Sgt MacMillan - Lead).

 Blindsided : Short..(My role: David - Hitman) Please follow link to Vimeo.

'ScumTv' : Spoof Crime Series (My appearance as a news reporter - at 3.00 min - 4.15 min)


'The Hounds' : Feature Film..(My role: Mike Crowell - Murder Squad Detective)...Teaser Trailer.

'The City of Hell'

Teaser Trailer for pending feature below.

(My role: Rieg - Gangster

Trailer of feature Baseline.

(My  role:   Chief Prison Officer 

 Charlie Hicks) 

Baseline.mov Baseline.mov
Size : 4438.279 Kb
Type : mov
18228327.mp4 18228327.mp4
Size : 8010.947 Kb
Type : mp4

Man In The Mirror Teaser Trailer..(Leading Role)


Various short audio recordings. 

Confessions(I Wish).wav Confessions(I Wish).wav
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Confessions(So Lonely).wav Confessions(So Lonely).wav
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Confessions(Forgive Me).wav Confessions(Forgive Me).wav
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